But all about our customers.


Passion for Mobility. Just three words but they describe who we are and why we are. Mobility is not just about getting from one place to another. For us, it is so much more than that.

Mobility means freedom of movement in all aspects of life. That means something special to us. Delivering solutions that move people and move their businesses is our passion. Its our lifeblood. It's what drives us. We provide mobility solutions throughout Europe to businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Cars are the backbone of our industry, but we believe that mobility means more than that. We are proud of our international reach, but we also know our success comes from being part of the local business community. We understand the language, culture and customs of every market we are in.

Subsidiary of AutoBinck

Business Lease is a proud member of the AutoBinck Group with more than 100 years of history as one of the main key players in European mobility market. We are a family business – AutoBinck is fully owned by the Lauret family.



To be the most customer-centric mobility management company.


We combine passion, care & expertise to deliver superior mobility solutions.


We Care

We Take Ownership

We Strive for Constant Improvement

We Demonstrate Mutual Respect at All Levels

We Go Above and Beyond: Everything for a Smile


For a better future, sustainability is guiding all our activities.

Sustainability within the automotive industry is taking more and more prominent shape. Project GoBetter is our plan how to decrease the carbon footprint of our fleet & increase the health and safety of our drivers. We want to work closely with our stakeholders to apply responsible principles and mobility solutions, with respect to our planet, people and society.

Doing good by doing better.


Our corporate headline "passion for mobility" is not only our approach towards our customers. Our passion was the beginning of a much broader perception of the world.In 2016 we have established our “Because We Care” fundraising focused on support of social and humanitarian purpose with focus on mobility. Find out more about our “Because We Care” foundation here…


Whistleblowing, or reporting unfair, unethical or illegal practices in companies, is a key element in ensuring an ethical and transparent work environment. It also has a significant social and economic benefit, contributing to the prevention of corruption and other forms of misconduct. It allows people to speak openly without fear of retaliation.



Business Lease Group

As the new headquarters located in Prague, Business Lease Group, is the seat of the Leadership Team, covering the areas of Sales & Marketing, Finance & Risk, Operations, ICT and Human Resources. Additionally, it provides services in the form of Shared Services and Centers of Excellence. As a team of different nationalities and experiences, we work together to support the markets in creating successful and sustainable businesses.

Elias Drakopoulos, Pascal Mennicken, Eliska Hauserova, Vincent van der Meijden, Radim Woznika


The youngest company of our group is based in Bucharest, operational since 2014. Romania is the perfect blend between a multinational approach and Romanian entrepreneurship, a true family brought together by our passion for mobility.

Business Lease Romania


Our Business Lease International team is tasked with attracting and servicing international prospects and customers that are looking for an international approach. Small team, big goals & wide reach - Business Lease International offers European coverage together with its international partners.



Our branch in Hungary has been open since 2006. Our customers and suppliers value the high standards we hold for our work, our engaged team and our open mind for innovations. The team unit is our key strength, each one dynamically assembled to maximize the service towards our customers.

Business Lease Hungary


We have had a home in Poland since 2001. Our main goals revolve around customer satisfaction and improving the quality of our services. Our customer needs are on the top of our minds every day and in every situation.

Business Lease Poland


We have been a provider of mobility solutions in Slovakia since 1998. We care deeply about understanding our customers, employees and suppliers. We treat every client with the same level of respect, from international companies to family businesses.

Business Lease Slovakia

Czech Republic

We go back to 1996 when we opened to our first branch outside the Netherlands. We have pioneered many projects and innovations, such as the Online Service Line, that has since been rolled out internationally. We are tirelessly working to perfect our services, improve our customer satisfaction and maintain a win-win relationship with our suppliers.

Business Lease Czech Republic, Czechia

The Netherlands

Business Lease started in The Netherlands in 1989, Business Lease The Netherlands was the first Dutch leasing company that recognized quality as an excellent condition for customer satisfaction, with an ISO 9001 certification in 1994 as a result.

Business Lease's starting point.
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