Do you want to save time and money?
Outsourcing your self-owned vehicles might not be a bad idea.

outsourced fleet management

Business Lease FLEET CARE is a comprehensive vehicle management solution designed to help businesses efficiently manage their self-owned company vehicles.


  • You procure and own the car

  • Fleet management for a fixed monthly fee

  • Plan your company budget responsibly

  • Focus on your core business

  • Reduce your TCO

  • Have a complete overview of your fleet and be able to manage its operating costs better

  • Secure non-stop service and support for your drivers


  • Driver Service Desk to help with all expected and unexpected events

  • One single point of contact for you as a fleet manager

  • Less administration (one monthly invoice for the whole fleet)

  • Approve service interventions and check legitimacy of their invoicing

  • Transparent accounting of all costs at the end of a contract

  • Roadside assistance in critical situations at home and abroad

  • Consultancy and full up to date expertise for fleet managers

  • Customized regular reporting of fleet costs


  • Extensive service network under favorable conditions

  • Door-to-door service and temporary replacement vehicle

  • Fuel card with 99% coverage of all gas stations, including discount on fuel

  • Telematics providing an electronic journey log and the possibility for carsharing

  • Insurance claim management

  • Consultancy on your car policy and driver agreement

  • Advisory on how to further reduce your TCO and increase driver safety


Harm Hoek
Harm Hoek
Manager International Sales
Erika Korver
International Sales & Marketing Specialist
Hans Kolff
Hans Kolff
Director International Sales

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