Business rent

Flexibility added to your international fleet.

Keep Your Business Moving

stay mobile in case of vehicle breakdown
temporary car during repair or maintenance
Immediate mobility for new emloyees
responsible budgetting
24/7 service desk vehicle request

keep drivers mobile at all times

Having your drivers immobilized for any period of time, can cost you time and money. With our Business Rent services, your drivers stay mobile at all times. We can customize our rental services to provide you with the flexibility you need.

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  • Immediate access to vehicles for short-term use

  • Substitute vehicle during vehicle breakdown

  • Temporary vehicle while waiting for the ordered vehicle

  • Extra vehicle for new staff

  • Customized rental services for a discounted price

  • Keep drivers mobile at all times

  • 24/7 service desk for extra vehicle requests

  • Plan your company resources and budget responsibly

  • Substitute vehicle provided during roadside assistance throughout Europe

  • Secure non-stop service and support for your drivers

  • Have your drivers focus on their core business

Read our article about flexible mobility

carbon Offset Your Drive for a Greener Tomorrow!

Go green with our carbon offset solution for car rentals and replacement vehicles! Partnering with Gold Standard, we reduce your CO2 emissions to Zero by supporting impactful environmental projects. Drive with peace of mind and join us in creating a sustainable, greener future. Click to download the leaflet for more information.

Download leaflet "sustainable rental"

“Now we can manage everything related to mobility with one supplier, for both
lease and short-term vehicles”


Harm Hoek
Harm Hoek
Manager International Sales
Erika Korver
International Sales & Marketing Specialist
Hans Kolff
Hans Kolff
Director International Sales
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