operational leasing

your fleet, in good hands

Running an efficient fleet demands significant time, hard work, and many transactions a year. That's where Business Lease comes into play. Through our Operational Lease services, your employees don't just drive a brand new company car, you also don’t have to worry about depreciation or maintenance costs. We take these matters off your hands.

Benefits for companies

  • Off balance financing

  • Cash flow stability; recurring lease costs on a monthly basis that avoid excessive peaks in cashflow

  • Procure mobility without having to procure the car; outsource your investment and free-up fund for your business activities

  • Uniform way of working according to your standards and alignment with HR policy

  • Plan your budget responsibly via fixed monthly fees (no unexpected operational costs)

  • Insure all business travels according to your standards

Benefits for fleet managers

  • One single point of contact for each fleet manager, and international account management for procurement leaders

  • No hassle and administration (service, maintenance, accident assistance, insurance and even any special equipment on your vehicles are all bundled in one clear invoice)

  • Ensure immediate mobility for employees; after ordering the vehicle and at any time during the contract

  • Customized insurance

  • Discounts on fuel

  • Transparent accounting of all costs at the end of a contract

benefits for drivers

  • All vehicle types (we are brand independent)

  • Full support on the selection of a company car, honoring the company car policy

  • Driver Service Desk 24/7 to help with all expected and unexpected events (also abroad)

  • In-house support for Maintenance, Repair and Tire services

  • Fuel  card with 99% coverage of all gas stations

  • Door-to-door service and temporary replacement vehicle

  • Discounted carwash service

  • Opportunity to buy the car after its lease contract ends, for employees and their families

Maintenance and service
Service and storage of tyres
Accident insurance
Liability insurance
Windscreen insurance
Radio license fee
Road tax
Motorway toll
Assistance service
Fuel card
Active care

Bespoke or a Package Plan?

While most fleet managers still opt for a bespoke operational leasing solution, others prefer a more standardized solution.
We defined the most popular product configurations amongst our customers and bundled them in 4 Operational Lease plans, to make decision making even easier: Business Lease OPTIMAL, Business Lease DIRECT, Business Lease PREMIUM, Business Lease BENEFIT.

Read more about our standard Operational Lease plans

Business Lease works closely with customers and prospects to understand their unique needs and challenges, and we are always ready to go the extra mile to ensure that you are completely satisfied with our products and services. 

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you manage your fleet and achieve your business goals!


Harm Hoek
Harm Hoek
Manager International Sales
Erika Korver
International Sales & Marketing Specialist
Hans Kolff
Hans Kolff
Director International Sales
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