Onboarding with Business Lease

Initiate your journey with Business Lease

At Business Lease, your decision to say “Yes” to our offer is what we love to hear. We thank you for the trust you have vested in us. In this section, we guide you through the process from offer to order.

Step 1: Offer Confirmation

To commence, we kindly request your confirmation through a signature to accept the offer we have presented. Once your acceptance is received, we initiate a phase known as the "credit check" an integral component of our order process.

Step 2: The Credit Check

The credit check serves as a pivotal step in ensuring a seamless experience. To perform this check, we will require the following information from your end:

  • Copy of your company registration document
  • Copy of the authorized signer's ID; to verify the signature's legitimacy and ensure the individual possesses the legal authority to sign, thus rendering any document legally binding
  • Annual report from the most recent fiscal year
  • Completion of a company information form (provided by Business Lease)

Step 3: Credit Check results

Following the credit check, you can anticipate one of three possible outcomes:

  1. Application for a lease has been approved
  2. Application for a lease has been denied
  3. Conditional approval of the lease application, which may require a suretyship/guarantee, a deposit, or a bank guarantee

Step 4: Master Agreement

Upon successful completion of the credit check, we proceed to draft and issue a Master Agreement. This comprehensive document outlines the scope of services, establishes the legal relationship with your company, and the general terms and conditions governing the lease.

Step 5: Individual Lease Agreement

Once the Master Agreement is signed, we proceed to create the Individual Lease Agreement, which formalizes the specific vehicle order. This agreement is duly executed by all relevant parties.

Step 6: Vehicle Procurement

With the Individual Lease Agreement in place, Business Lease will proceed to order the chosen vehicle from the designated dealership. Throughout this interim period, we ensure transparent communication by regularly updating the driver and fleet manager regarding the progress and anticipated delivery date. In the event of any unforeseen delays or expectations falling short, Business Lease stands ready to provide viable solutions, such as a pre-leasing vehicle. Your account manager will inform you about available options and rates.

Step 7: Vehicle Handover

Once the vehicle arrives at the designated dealership, an appointment is scheduled for the vehicle handover to the driver. Subsequently, a delivery confirmation is dispatched to you, containing crucial information such as the lease starting date and vehicle details, including list price — a valuable resource for HR departments addressing i.e. benefit-in-kind taxation matters.

Step 8: Safe Journeys Ahead

In conclusion, we wish you many safe and enjoyable journeys with your vehicle. Business Lease will be standing by throughout the lease contract; we are always ready to go the extra mile to ensure that you are completely satisfied with our products and services.

Welcome to the Business Lease family!

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