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Are you looking to review your Car Policy budgets and want to make a decision based on real market data? Business Lease has developed a tool that monitors the lease price developments over the past years.

car policy index©


how do we help you?

  • The Car Policy Index© monitors monthly lease fee developments and their underlying causes (list price, labor cost, car parts, fuel, interest and currency inflation)

  • We are able to match your Car Policy job levels and compare them with the market developments

  • We help you determine the right approach to make your car policy up-to-date and future proof

  • Plan your company budget responsibly

  • We give hands and feet to the question "by what percentage should I increase the lease budgets in my car policy?"

Find out to what extend your fleet can transition to electric driving

e-mobility quickscan©

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how do we help you?

  • By analyzing your fleet data and driver behavior we determine current CO2 emission and possible CO2 savings

  • We advise on possibilities to reduce TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)

  • Give you an overview of your current versus new powertrains, resulting in a percentage of possible cleaner powertrains and subsequently CO2 reductions

  • All result is supported with easy graphs and clear tables

  • Next steps approach is provided to ensure feasibility

  • The E-mobility QuickScan© is included in our account management for customers, and thus free of charge

  • The E-mobility QuickScan© is available for the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania and Slovakia

Are you seeking a solid cost saving plan for your international fleet? We developed a tool that identifies your spenditure on your fleet operations.

Tco cost saving tool

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how do we help you?

  • The tool helps you to uncover your direct and indirect costs

  • We propose alternatives that can bring you efficiency and improve your strategy

  • We draft a 3-4 year cost saving plan, which provides you with a % of cost saving year by year

  • Your Total Cost of Owernership will go down and can be better monitored in the future

  • It improves your budgeting and creates a more stable cashflow

  • Includes an annual evaluation and possible adjustments to the current circumstances

Looking to reduce your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by improving driver behavior in your fleet? Business Lease and SafeDrivePod present a groundbreaking solution that lowers fuel costs, bring down carbon emissions, and enhances driver safety.


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how do we help you?

  • We improve driving behavior, which impacts; road safety, fuel consumption and environmental pollution

  • Lower fuel consumption by approx. 8%

  • Reduction of  insurance claims

  • Indirect cost reduction dealing with damage or injury

  • Positive environmental impact

  • Safe driving policy shows good employership

  • A privacy friendly, non-GPS, telematic solution offering both drivers and fleet managers valuable driver behavior insights in real time

Do you want to accurately map all costs and compare your current self-owned fleet with a full operational lease situation? We do this on a process level, all the way down to the minutes per year on a task level.

"buy vs. lease" analysis

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how do we help you?

  • At first, together with you we gather the necessary data,  which will enable us to do the analysis

  • We complete the Buy versus Lease Calculator using the company parameters and data. This can be complemented with a Cash Flow Analysis, if required

  • The results are shared with you via a presentation. Is leasing a better model for your fleet?

  • Together we define actions and next steps required to achieve your goals


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