e‑mobility & Sustainability

Discover the transformative power of Business Lease as we drive your fleet towards a greener, safer, and more efficient future. Contact us today to explore how our innovative solutions can elevate your mobility needs or your fleet management strategy.

A holistic approach to electrification

As the world transitions towards a low-carbon economy, we understand the importance of reducing emissions and embracing electric vehicles (EVs) as a key solution. Our comprehensive services encompass every aspect of the electrification process, from vehicle selection and infrastructure planning to implementation and ongoing support to cleaner forms of transportation. Find out how Business Lease can make the transition to EVs seamless.

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Go Better – A suite of solutions to reduce your CO2

In today's world, businesses are under increasing pressure to reduce their carbon footprint and implement sustainable mobility practices. Our new GoBetter suite of sustainability services, are designed to help our clients reduce and offset their CO2 impact starting today. Find out more, which of the GoBetter solutions is right for you.

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Safe Drive Pod – A new standard in fleet safety

Our state-of-the-art non-gps based telematics device utilizes cutting-edge sensors and intelligent algorithms to monitor driver behavior and provides real-time feedback to drivers, encouraging them to adopt fuel-efficient driving techniques.

SafeDrivePod is more than just a safety tool – it's a catalyst for positive change. Experience the transformative power of SafeDrivePod today. Discover how our innovative technology can elevate your fleet's safety while promoting a greener, more sustainable operation.

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Go Share – Sustainable car sharing platform

We recognize the concerns and challenges that may arise from traditional fleet management practices. In response, we have developed a comprehensive drive portal and mobile app solution that not only effectively addresses these challenges but also incorporates sustainability into every aspect.

Go Share seamlessly integrates with both Business Lease owned vehicles and client owned vehicles. Regardless of your fleet's composition or size, Go Share adapts to your unique requirements, ensuring a customized and user-friendly experience for every user.

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