After Corona: A checklist to optimize your fleet management in the ‘New Normal’

A recent study shows 32% of employees are still working from home (WFH). This single statistic illustrates the long-lasting effect the pandemic has had on how we work and move. That’s especially important for fleet managers. Here’s a checklist to help you make the most of the ‘New Normal’.

Even as Covid-19 fades from memory, there’s no going back to the ‘Old Normal’. Some of the changes we made to deal with the emergency will stick. For fleets, the most drastic change is WFH.

Lockdowns forced us from the office and onto Zoom or Teams. It turns out that this can be quite efficient: less time spent on driving, less money spent on fuel. WFH is now part of every company’s mobility culture.

But are fleet managers fully on board with this ‘New Normal’? Or are they still managing fleets like it’s 2019? Here are 6 things to consider.

1.    Scan fleet size and usage

More WFH means less need for mobility. Is your fleet still the right size? Perhaps you could do with fewer vehicles. And are the ones you have still fit for purpose? Perhaps you need fewer benefit cars, or more LCVs.

These and other essential questions can be answered by a fleet scan. Because managing a fleet starts with knowing how it operates. Business Lease offers a range of QuickScan tools – including for the hot topic of E-mobility – and will help you interpret the results to optimize your fleet composition and usage.

2.    Adapt car policy

Based on different mobility needs and altered fleet circumstances, you’ll need to adapt your car policy to the ‘New Normal’. Which brands and models should be included (or excluded) from your policy? Should you include options such as short-term rental or used-car rental?

Questions like these are especially relevant as continuing delivery delays radically affect availability and affordability of vehicles across various markets. Responding to market needs, Business Lease will be launching a Car Policy Index on 1 September 2022. This index will provide a periodical overview of the cost history of leasing various popular models in different European markets – offering fleet managers a useful tool for their policy decisions.

If you are interested, the Fleet Europe platform will host a live webinar on 28 September 2022, moderated by Steven Schoefs, to talk about the Car Policy Index in a panel, followed by a Q & A session with the audience. In order to attend this live webinar - free of charge - you can register here.

3.    Check fuel usage

On the one hand, WFH might mean we drive less. But on the other, fuel prices have skyrocketed due to the war in Ukraine. So managing fuel cost remains of critical concern. Typically, drivers with a fuel card have access to a wide range of fuel stations. Can you set up a program to incentivize them to seek out those with the lowest prices?

4.    Evaluate parking spaces

If WFH has reduced the number of cars that drive into the office every day, perhaps it’s time to review the parking spaces that you need. Can you reduce the parking spots that you lease or rent? And if so, how much will be enough to manage peak demand?

5.    Look at damage ratios

Less driving fortunately also means less wear and tear, and fewer accidents. This affects the need for maintenance and repair. And it also opens opportunities to review insurance premiums. Are you making the most of those opportunities?

6.    Examine maintenance cost

Similar to the fuel situation, there is less need for maintenance, but the cost of maintenance itself has shot up – due to labor shortages and supply chain issues. Which steps can you take to ensure that service and maintenance costs are kept to a minimum?

Business Lease is an internationally operating leasing and mobility company specialized in Central Europe. As a family-owned business, we value personal relations as the basis for excellent service – including in our consultancy, aimed at helping your fleet perform above expectations in the ‘New Normal’.

How can we help you? Ask our International Team at internationalsales@businesslease.com or contact Erika Korver.

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