Human Resources; Challenges and Strategies in Fleet Management

In the worlds of Human Resources Management (HRM) and Fleet Management, tackling tough challenges and implementing effective strategies are crucial for business success. Let's explore the main hurdles faced in both areas and consider some potential solutions.

Challenges in HRM today

Apart from finding the right people, challenges in HRM today are in a broad perspective:

  1. Adjusting Work Arrangements: With workplaces changing, managing remote, hybrid, and in-office work setups is a big challenge. Keeping teams connected and productive across different setups needs careful planning and perhaps some new tools.
  2. Navigating Change Management and Competence: When businesses change, helping staff cope while making sure they have the right skills can be tricky. Providing training and chances to learn new things can help here.
  3. Using AI and Managing Talent: Making the most of new tech like AI for greater efficiency and productivity sounds good, but it's not always easy. Finding the right balance between tech and human input needs thought and testing, and then, training of staff.
Challenges in Fleet Management
  1. Balancing Costs and Driver Happiness: Managing costs while making sure drivers are happy can be a tough job. With car and fuel prices going up, and safety being an important topic, it's all about finding the right solutions and suppliers who can provide you the perfect benchmark.
  2. Dealing with Delays and Reports: Predicting costs accurately, managing budget limits, and navigating supply chain disruptions are daily operational challenges of the HR Manager in SME sized companies. Additionally, meeting reporting requirements, i.e., tracking private mileage for tax purposes, adds administrative burdens for the HRM as well.
Overlap and Intersection

The provision of company cars emerges as a crucial benefit affecting talent acquisition and corporate mobility. Recognizing this overlap between HRM and Fleet Management is essential for aligning policies and strategies to meet organizational goals effectively.

Car Policies and Sustainability

Reviewing your car policy to align with employee preferences and sustainability goals is key. Integrating measures such as CO2 emission caps and incentivizing electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles (PHEVs) can contribute to environmental sustainability while meeting employee needs.

Looking Ahead

In the next few years, focusing on policies that suit staff preferences, fit with environmental goals and manufacturer vehicle specifications will pose a challenge. Keeping an eye on tax rules and regulations will also shape how fleets are managed.

Keeping Up and Moving Forward

Staying in the loop with what's happening in the industry is vital. Whether it's chatting with other professionals, going to events, or working with trusted supplying partners, staying informed helps to make smart decisions.

Business Lease is happy to help you making well-considered decisions, both for your short-term plans as well as the long-term objectives for your international fleet. We go the extra mile!

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