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Want to get real about going green in Central Europe? Business Lease can help you all the way.

We know the problem all too well. You’re stuck between a rock and a hard place. The EU and your headquarter demand action, fast. But local EV supply, incentives and infrastructure are nowhere near as advanced as in Western Europe. Business Lease can help, by getting real about what’s possible – and starting from there.

Source: EU Alternative Fuel Observatory

Business Lease recently launched two solutions that do exactly that: Business Lease Ecosystem and Business Lease GoBetter. In this article we lift a tip of the veil on how these solutions can benefit your fleet goals in 2024.

On 1 January 2024, the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) has come into force, requiring a broader range of EU companies to report on their sustainability efforts. It’s just one measure among many by which the EU is pushing its economy towards net-zero by 2050. Yet nearly half of EU companies haven’t taken any action on the CSRD, a recent survey finds.

There’s a similar gap between ambition and reality when it comes to companies that do have well-considered net-zero targets. Those policies and strategies are typically drawn up in and primarily for Western European markets. Electrification is less mature in Central and Eastern Europe, making it more problematic for fleets in those markets to reduce CO2 emissions.

Just a few relevant data points, from Business Lease’s latest EV Fact Sheet:

  • While EVs make up important shares of the overall fleet in Western European countries like France (4%), Germany (6%) and the Netherlands (7%), Hungary (0.9%) is the only country in Central and Eastern Europe that comes close to 1%.
  • While Poland has the highest number of EVs overall in Central and Eastern Europe (about 45,000, of which about 20,000 BEVs), it has the lowest overall share (barely 0.25%).

Poland, Czechia, Slovakia, Hungary, and Romania lack Western Europe’s density of charging infrastructure – but providers are present, and progress is being made. All five countries also offer tax breaks, subsidies, and other non-fiscal incentives for the purchase of EVs.

However, all those positives are thinly spread and often poorly understood. As a result, many corporate fleets in the CEE region find it difficult to translate a sense of urgency about the energy transition into concrete steps towards emissions reduction and mitigation.

This is where Business Lease comes into the picture. With decades of experience in Central and Eastern Europe, they have leveraged their position as trusted and knowledgeable partner for regional fleets into two new solutions that will help regional fleets go green – starting with an honest assessment of where they are now, and then charting a realistic path forward.

Business Lease E-mobility Ecosystem

Business Lease E-mobility Ecosystem

Electrification is about more than finding the right EVs. It’s about finding the right charging infrastructure, charging cards, green energy partners, and so on.

Business Lease acts as a one-stop-shop, you can choose from a wide selection of EVs, you can enjoy discounts, you can order charging stations for the office and at employees’ homes, and don’t have to deal with a multitude of suppliers. We offer consolidated invoicing, including for the employees who charge at home.

Business Lease GoBetter©

GoBetter is a toolbox that helps your fleet reduce its emissions, and offset what’s left. The first of four tools is essential, the other three are optional.

  1. CO2 footprint analysis: We assess your fleet’s fuel consumption and driving habits. The result: a tailored road map towards sustainability, with a step-by-step plan..
  2. Driver training: Advanced techniques and one-on-one coaching will help your drivers avoid accidents and drive more economically. The result: up to 20% lower fuel consumption. Plus lower emissions, lower damage ratios and safer roads.
  3. Instant driver feedback: Our telematics solution (non-GPS, which ensures driver privacy) provides instant feedback, so drivers can immediately adjust behavior to become more eco-friendly.
  4. Offset: Emissions that can’t be avoided, can be offset. We provide high-quality carbon credits that avoid greenwashing and actually do what they promise.

Business Lease, the leasing expert in Central and Eastern Europe, is your trusted partner for an honest assessment of your fleet’s ‘green’ potential, and the simplest solution for you to reach that potential. Learn more about GoBetter©

Get in touch with one of our International account managers to learn more about your fleet’s sustainability potential.

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