Electrify your fleet

"To what extend can I optimally 'electrify' my fleet?" is a question many international fleet managers ask themselves. Electric cars are everywhere. Or, at least, you’d expect them to be everywhere, judging from how much people in the fleet and mobility industry are talking about them. In reality, though, few fleets are walking the talk. European-wide EVs don’t even represent 5% of new vehicle fleet registrations. The Business Lease EV QuickScan can help you change that.

Increasingly, local authorities and even national governments are banning the most polluting diesel and petrol cars. Some have even announced a ban on all cars with combustion engines by 2025 to 2030.

At the same time, electric vehicles are slowly hitting the mainstream. More and more carmakers are introducing affordable EVs with ranges of well over 300 kilometers. So, the time is now to electrify your fleet!

Durable and sustainable

Introducing EVs is not only about avoiding diesel bans, it can offer many other benefits.

To start with the obvious: EVs are fun, they hit their top speed in no time and they are silent. Nevertheless, employees need to be involved to make sure they are on board.

Because they contain very few moving parts, EVs are more durable and sustainable. As the first generation of EVs are reaching the 4- or 5-year mark, it is becoming clear that batteries lose very little of their total capacity over time. Cars with bigger batteries in particular, says automotive researcher Mark Pecqueur, are affected far less by degradation than a car with a smaller battery.

Today, consumers expect companies to care about the environment and to work towards a sustainable, greener future in which corporate social responsibility is more than the latest buzzword. By adding electric vehicles to their fleet, or by going fully electric, a company can show it means business.

Car policy

Adding EVs to the fleet is less straightforward than adding a car with a conventional powertrain. Range comes into play, and charging infrastructure needs to be in place. Even more than with conventional cars, fleet managers can get vital information and insight from telematics.

EV QuickScan

How do you know if your company is ready to embrace EVs? Which driver profiles can go electric and which can’t? What infrastructure do you need? How do you need to rewrite your car policy? These are things Business Lease can help you with. Just do the EV QuickScan and find out.

If you’re serious about introducing electric vehicles into your fleet, you should probably take the EV DeepScan. Together with a Business Lease consultant, the EV DeepScan analyses your entire fleet and produces a comprehensive report with the possibilities and recommendations tailored to your needs.

Do the QuickScan

Get in touch with us and set up an EV DeepScan to find out how you can introduce electric vehicles in your fleet. Or do the free Online EV QuickScan here.

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